David (REMON) Diaz

Detenidos, 16x20”,  Archival fiber base Digital Print

Honorable Mention

Miami Photo Salon 2015 Theme:

“He intuited global truths. He thrilled at his oneness with humanity"          

(Sally Jacobs) 

Contemporary World:

Singularity and contradictions.

Present-day society in our global village.  From a fragmented reality to a complex puzzle, the planet around us  is a dance of images, colors, sounds, and shapes, that form an encrypted message about who we are and how the world we live in is .

Chris Grismer won Miami Photo Salon Grand Prize Award and Best Creative Image goes to Patty Carroll

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the Salon @Spectrum Participant List
We want to thank so many artists for their interest in participate in the Miami Photo Salon at SPECTRUM ART SHOW. This is the final list of the selected ones among all of them.
Greg Amanti, OR
Nadal Antelmo, FL
Robin Apple,CA
Manss Aval, CA
Hua Bai, NY
Brandin Barón, CA
Aaron Brethorst, WA
Thomas Bollinger, FL
Greg Buening, OH
Patty Carroll, IL
Larry Colby, FL
Barbara Curcio, FL
Dawn Currie, FL
Michel Demanche, MD
Marcus DeSieno, FL
David Diaz, FL
Ken Dreyfack, NY
Gary Düfner, FL
Shari Epstein, NJ
Rita Gaal, FL
Brian Gorman, NJ
Chris Grismer, GA
David Jay, NY
Sharon Lee Hart, FL
Craig Lefebvre, FL
Jenna Lynch, CT
Carlos Coco Moni, FL
Dan (Chris) Moras, TX
Ryan Smith, LA
Stephen Spiller, NY
Adrian Villeta, PR

Patty Carroll. Cozy, 20" x 20", 2015     Best Creative Image Award

A juried, contemporary art show in the heart of Midtown Miami, featuring a slate of artists and galleries—during the popular Art Week Miami.

Opening Preview
Wednesday, Dec. 2 / 6-10pm

Show Hours

Thursday, Dec. 3 / 1pm-9pm
Friday, Dec. 4 / 1pm-9pm
Saturday, Dec. 5 / 1pm-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 6 / 12pm-6pm


Chris Grismer. Gabe, Metal Photo Print, 12" x 24", 2015

Miami Photo Salon Grand Image Prize

Greg Amanti

Tornado, Mixed Media, 16" x 20"

Honorable Mention

International Festival of Fine Art Photography & Art Photo related

David Jay

Jerral and Julius, 2013, 20x24”

Honorable Mention

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