The 2014 edition of the Miami Photo Salon took place in Downtown Miami in a 4,000 square-foot exhibition space at the Kaplan Hall/ Wolfson Auditorium of Temple Israel, in the heart of the activity generated by the art week Miami.

Thomas Bollinger
Jonathan Brooks
Brian Cattelle
Carlos Cardenes
Sergio Cervantes
Wei Chen
Nelson Conde
Marcia Cooper
Barbara Curcio
Jorge de la Torriente
Patrick Diez Butty
Amanda Francoeur
Jorge Gomez
Orestes Gonzalez
Joy Harris
Shelly Hanan
Michael Hunt
Carlos Jordao
Surej Kalathil
Sarah Krawcheck
Michael Martin
Manuel Mazzanti
Elisabeth Murray
Carlos Coco Moni
Alex Nyerges
Jeff Olson
Elizabeth Orcutt
Jorge J. Perez
Michael Rieger
William Riera
Silvia Riquezes
Gonzalo Rosendo
Debbie Rubin
Elle Schorr
KJ Schumacher
Lissette Solorzano
Jill Schwartz
Claudia Sohrens
Nancy Sullins
Thomas Wolf

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